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Simstore InnoTest

Innovations need to stand out from the crowd to succeed. Only those that change habits and impact behavior will sustain. Simstore replicates the real-life purchase situation, testing your new products in a realistic and competitive environment. Building on over 40 years of innovation experience, Simstore InnoTest takes into account both behavioural and attitudinal measurements, to accurately predict market success. Simstore InnoTest can also be enhanced with an in-home product test for the most robust measure of concept-product fit. Simstore InnoTest provides volumetric forecasts with accuracy validated to +-9% of in-market sales.

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To succeed, innovations need to stand out from the crowd. We measure performance at point of purchase at both trial and repeat, replicating real life decisions.

Simstore InnoTest


Win at Point of Purchase


Strength vs Status Quo


Fit with strategy

What is Simstore

Simstore is Ipsos virtual shelf technology platform helping clients quantify winning strategies through simulated brick & mortar and e-commerce shopping environments. With Simstore clients can get to the root of how shoppers make decisions, improve navigation, and optimize retail conditions and measure success of new products and package designs.

Why Simstore?

Virtual shopping simulations capturing changes in shopping behaviour

Virtual shopper research experts

With 15+ years experience in virtual shopper research, we help you translate insights into action.

World class shopping environments

We provide highly realistic recreations of all kinds of shopping environments, both online and offline.

Outstanding research platform

Our digital platform SimstoreTM is highly flexible and interactive. Securing both validity and speed.

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