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InnoTest – Innovation evaluation from ideas to full concepts

BSci powered innovation testing with choice-based tasks in a competitive setting. Consumer centric testing with validated KPIs provide the confidence you need to understand the true potentials of your innovation.

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What it is

Fast Idea and Concept Screening Tool employing behavioral science principles and the most consumer-centric innovation philosophy in market, known for specifically looking at each innovation in the context of competition.

After idea or concept exposure, InnoTest pits your innovations against competition as defined by consumers, to offer a more true-to-life perspective on how consumers make choices. Learn to which extent your innovations are better at meeting consumer needs, being seen as newer and more different as well as less expensive versus competition. These consumer perceptions are captured by Relevance, Expensiveness and Differentiation, our validated RED measures. These driver measures build up the Trial Index, our key performance indicator predictive of in-market trial.

Prioritize your best innovations and understand key strengths and weaknesses using measures that matter. Reduce risk and increase your innovation wins.

What it does and why is it better than other innovation testing tools

To succeed, innovations need to stand out from the crowd. But only those that change habits and behavior will sustain.

To accurately assess the right ones, Ipsos solutions focus on the following elements so you can make the right decision for the future.

Powered by behavioral science

  • Real life choice scenarios to mimic innovation adoption in real life

  • Behavioral Science Innovation Adoption Framework

  • Response Time to uncover indirect measure of conviction

  • Artificial intelligence powered sentiment analysis to discover underlying emotions.

Accurate and Validated

  • Rigourous and proven metrics driving trial – Relevance, Expensiveness and Differentiation - derived from validated sales forecasting model built on 30 years of innovation testing legacy

  • Consumer centric competitive benchmarking - The Innovation is compared to real in-market products, defined by the respondent – not old ideas that never launched

  • Discriminant and predictive results for better decision making.

Future Ready

  • Stimulus agnostic design to work with ideas, tweetified concepts, full concepts and anything in between: one tool for all your innovation testing needs

  • Device agnostic surveys for higher engagement - reach consumers on their mobiles, tablets, desktop or laptops

  • Playful, gamified consumer tasks

  • Fast and Agile do-it yourself operations to save you money and time, and the opportunity to be assisted by experienced innovation researchers.


By engaging consumers in a way that as closely as possible mimics the decisions real people make, we gather better information and build stronger recommendations that drive real-world innovation.

Real People + Real Behavior = Real Success

Key Consumer Tasks in Questionnaire

The key tasks in our questionnaire capture how consumers get aware of your innovation, which sentiments they have about it and what consumers could do tomorrow – making a choice between your innovation and their most likely alternative to choosing the innovation – the product they most often use today or what they most often do today to meet the same needs.

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Choice Task

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Key Results

Key Results shows the overall performance of each innovation regarding Relevance, Expensiveness and Differentiation measures driving the Trial Index, our key performance indicator predictive of in-market trial.

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Incrementality, Optimization and Targeting Analysis

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