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Creative|Spark Early

Ipsos works with the world’s leading brands and creative agencies throughout the creative development journey to develop, evaluate and optimize effective creative to grow strong brands.

Creative|Spark Early enables you to quickly select the best early idea or rough creative, such as storyboards and videoboards, to further develop through observed brand impact and diagnostics as to which direction to pursue.

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What it is

Creative|Spark Early enables a quick, well-informed decision on early ideas and rough creatives such as storyboards and videoboards.

How Creative|Spark Early works


Direct Exposure

Ideas and rough creatives are shown directly to respondents with no additional content.


Observed Short and Long Term Effects

We measure the effect on short ​​term strength of choice and long term emotional and functional goals​.


Non-Conscious reactions and rich diagnostics​

Residual feelings and in-depth diagnostics to enable optimization.


Ipsos Expertise

Creative Research experts to guide and make recommendations to improve

What is delivered

Once the fieldwork has ended, you will receive an email that notifies you when the online dashboard is available.

Brand Attention Potential

Measuring the memory encoding and brand linkage potential.

Brand Relationship

Measuring the impact of the early idea or rough creative's ability to influence functional and emotional perceptions of the brand.

Concept Evaluator

By identifying words and phrases that drive consumer interest Ipsos can deliver specific recommendations for developing optimized communication.

Choice Effect Potential

Measuring the power of the creative to improve the likelihood the brand will be chosen.

Valence of Residual Feelings

Measures the Residual Feeling left by the creative, leveraging natural language processing sentiment algorithms from open-end text responses.

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