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Creative|Spark Digital

Ipsos works with the world’s leading brands and creative agencies throughout the creative development journey to develop, evaluate and optimize effective creative to grow strong brands.

Creative|Spark Digital places creative in live digital platforms to quickly learn, evaluate and optimize in platform context to maximize media budget efficiency.

Now available in 26 markets.

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What it is

Creative|Spark Digital helps to evaluate the power of your creative to capture and retain Branded Attention in live platform context.

How Creative|Spark Digital works


Distracted Content Exposure

Creative is exposed amongst other content, representing conditions of selective attention to enable evidence based Attention metrics


Observed Short and Long Term Effects

Creative is exposed in a live digital platform representing conditions of selective attention to enable evidence based Attention metrics.


Thoughts, Feelings and Viewing Behavior

Viewing behavior metrics, residual feeling and cognitive perceptions to enable optimization


Ipsos Expertise

Creative Research experts to guide and make recommendations to improve

What is delivered

Once the fieldwork has ended, you will receive an email that notifies you when the online dashboard is available.

Creative Effect Index

Measure of short term behaviour change potential

Equity Effect Index

Measuring the creative’s ability to influence Long Term Choices.

Retained Branded Recognition

The creative’s ability to capture Attention and encode Branded Memories

Choice Effect

Measuring the power of the creative to improve the likelihood the brand will be chosen.

Social Power

Potential to generate social conversation and earned media value validated to in-market outcomes.

Intensity Index

Measures the Residual Feeling left by the creative, leveraging natural language processing sentiment algorithms from open-end text responses.

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