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To reach your customers you have to understand their Why

Most marketers are talking about reaching the right customer, at the right time, at the right place with the right message. But how are you going to do that if you don’t understand how they think?

With today’s technology, it’s easy to get a lot of data. In fact, most companies probably experience an overabundance of available data, causing the nowadays famous “analysis-paralysis”. But since you can easily find out What your customers are doing, When they do it and Where they are doing it, the only essential piece of the puzzle to truly understand your customers is Why they are doing the things they do in the first place.

  • WHY didn’t they visit your store?
  • WHY weren’t they interested in your new service?
  • WHY didn’t they respond to your ad campaign?
  • WHY didn’t they check-out the cart?

Sure, you can have all sorts of theories. You should be having more customers since you rank high on Google. Your current product line should meet their desires based on trends. Your price level should be on target compared to competitors, and so on. But all of these “should” are still just your theories. The only way to truly meet your customers needs is to get answers from them.

Asking the right question will get you answers

Create your survey, define the target, get automatic results. All based on 40 years of expertise in market research.

We firmly believe that you need to focus on getting answers to your WHY-questions using proven survey technology. By combining your data with survey data from our DIY platform you will find a true path to purchase enabling you to optimize conversions and keeping consumers loyal to your brand.

Given the fleeting nature of today's consumers and the fierce competition from other market players trying everyday to outmaneuver your business, you need to get answers fast and continuously. You need your answers within days, sometimes hours, in order to make the right business decision.

Fast answers with Ipsos.Digital

That is why we at Ipsos have developed Ipsos.Digital. On our innovative DIY platform you create your survey and get fast answers from our quality samples. You can view the results on our interactive dashboard or you can export the data to PowerPoint or Excel. To help you get started even faster we provide a multitude of templates that you can use straight off the shelf.
And when you need the help of a researcher we have a team of 18.000 people in 90 markets ready to assist you! In your local language and your local market.

With Ipsos.Digital there are no more excuses to not understand the Why and tap into the mindset of your customers.

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