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5 ways to make your survey mobile friendly

For many companies, having a mobile first approach is a must. But still, many surveys are created and adapted for desktop screens. Today, almost half of all surveys are taken on a mobile device, so it’s about time you made your surveys mobile friendly!

People who fill out surveys using a mobile device are often doing so in between other tasks. So your survey must therefore be short, and not demand too much cognitive effort for the respondent to answer ie. mobile friendly.

So, what does it mean to make a survey mobile friendly?

In today’s world it’s not just about ensuring the screen renders correctly on a smaller device. Some things are a lot more difficult to do on a mobile device, therefore you need to think about the overall complexity of your survey. Not only do you need to reduce the cognitive load, you also need to keep the surveys short and make them easy to answer.

At Ipsos we have done a lot of “research on research” to find the best practices for creating surveys that render the highest completion rates. Here are five tips and tricks to make sure your survey is as mobile friendly as possible.

5 ways to make you survey mobile friendly

1. Reduce the number of questions

Mobile friendly surveys have to be short. Remove any questions that are not crucial as longer surveys tend to suffer from higher break-offs.

2. Surveys should be simple to answer

Don’t make your questions too complex to answer or have too many response categories. The respondent should be able to quickly understand the question and reply without having to scroll between too many answers.

3. Don’t ask things you can find out yourself

Having to remember when, how often or where leads to respondents skipping the question or abort the survey completely. Focus on what you can’t find out through other data, meaning WHY a respondent does, thinks or feels a certain way.

4. Reduce repetition and redundancy

Using the same response scale, or asking multiple questions about the same concept is a sure way to lose the respondent’s attention. Mix up response options and make it interesting to keep filling out the survey.

5. Use our latest technologies to conduct mobile friendly surveys

Today it’s easy to automate small things, like automatically bringing up the num-pad when the response demands numbers. Also, using drag-and-drop on a mobile becomes dramatically harder than on a laptop, meaning it’s not at all mobile friendly.

By implementing these quick fixes you will increase the likelihood of people taking and completing your surveys. If you also use our DIY mobile friendly survey tool for creating the survey, you can rest assured that the survey will scale to screen-size, and have all needed features. This way your survey can run on any device, whether it is a mobile, tablet or a desktop computer.


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