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What’s the Next Big Thing in Market Research ?

DIY market research has moved up the agenda and centre-stage. From boardroom to grass roots level, the vital role that self-service research plays in driving smart, agile decision-making has been accepted. The digitalisation of market research, like that of most industries, has risen significantly over the last few years. The global pandemic has accelerated this trend, making the ambitious vision of the democratisation of market research a reality. This attitudinal change has been a long time coming. Driven by new technologies, new channels to market, and constantly evolving customer behaviours, the digital transformation of the research space is essential and beneficial. So now what? What could follow the adoption of simple DIY research tools to get fast answers to essential business questions? What emerging trends are fit to follow this technology innovation? I believe that there...
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To reach your customers you have to understand their Why

Most marketers are talking about reaching the right customer, at the right time, at the right place with the right message. But how are you going to do that if you don’t understand how they think? With today’s technology, it’s easy to get a lot of data. In fact, most companies probably experience an overabundance of available data, causing the nowadays famous “analysis-paralysis”. But since you can easily find out What your customers are doing, When they do it and Where they are doing it, the only essential piece of the puzzle to truly understand your customers is Why they are doing the things they do in the first place. WHY didn’t they visit your store? WHY weren’t they interested in your new service? WHY didn’t they respond to your ad campaign? WHY didn’t they check-out the cart? Sure, you can have all sorts of theories. You should be having more customers since y...
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5 ways to make your survey mobile friendly

For many companies, having a mobile first approach is a must. But still, many surveys are created and adapted for desktop screens. Today, almost half of all surveys are taken on a mobile device, so it’s about time you made your surveys mobile friendly! People who fill out surveys using a mobile device are often doing so in between other tasks. So your survey must therefore be short, and not demand too much cognitive effort for the respondent to answer ie. mobile friendly. So, what does it mean to make a survey mobile friendly? In today’s world it’s not just about ensuring the screen renders correctly on a smaller device. Some things are a lot more difficult to do on a mobile device, therefore you need to think about the overall complexity of your survey. Not only do you need to reduce the cognitive load, you also need to keep the surveys short and make them easy to answer. At Ipsos w...
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